Frequently-Asked Questions about vPMCoaching

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How Long Does a Coaching Session Last?

There is no set time for a coaching session.  The coach and coachee decide on appropriate meeting duration based on the issue at hand.  If we run out of time, or a follow-up sessions is needed (which is common for complex or ongoing issues), we'll schedule those at the end of the session.

How Many Coaching Sessions Will I Get?

There is no set number of sessions.  The various vPMCoach programs are structured based on your specific goals with a range of sessions to match.  If you have chosen a program that doesn't fit with your needs (e.g., if you chose 'Real Time' but are looking for longer term help throughout your project), we'll work with you at the beginning of your program to ensure that your vPMCoach program is adjusted so that it is appropriate to your needs.

Does Coaching Follow a Particular Format?

Yes and no.  Business coaching follows a fairly simple structured formula.  However, within that approach is a process of discovery - where we become aware of the specific goals, root causes, and possible solutions.  In this sense, it is important to follow the trail to see where it leads us.  So, while there is a formula in play, the coaching sessions themselves may at times feel completely unstructured.  This is by design and is one of the reasons whey there isn't a specific number of sessions or time-limit on the individual vPMCoach programs.

I'm Having Trouble Using My Scheduling Software.  Should I Use vPMCoach or just call Microsoft?

It depends on your issue.  If your main concern is one of software functionality (e.g., how do I build a custom report), you may find that consulting the vendor resources is more economical.  If your primary issue is one of project management skills (e.g., how do I build a custom report that addresses the needs of my stakeholder), then vPMCoach is a good choice.  While the first example focuses on tool usage, the second example is about how to use a tool to support a management goal  ... considerably more challenging.

It's Difficult to Remember Everything that we Discuss during our Sessions.  Can I call my Coach with Follow-up Questions?

A 45 to 90 minute coaching session will cover a lot of ground.  During the session, it's important to us that you are able to engage and focus on the discussion rather than making copious notes.  So, we have a couple things we do.  We record key parts of the session where we are demonstrating something in a scheduling tool like Microsoft Project, and then we make that recording available to you within 24 hours of the session via YouTube.  You can also access your coach via email for simple clarifications.  And depending on mutual availability, follow-up phone calls or web conferences are also available.  vPMCoach is based on helping you reach your goal, not on how much time it takes to get there.

Isn't vPMCoach just Coaching?  I Want to Learn Something Specific about Managing Projects.

Good question.  We call it coaching, but in reality this is a blending of coaching and teaching.  In the end, what we strive to do is help, whether that be helping you to reframe your situation and finding ways to move forward, or showing you how to make your schedule work better.  vPMCoach can be and often is a blend of 'coaching' about project management behaviours (e.g., how best to engage your sponsor), and 'teaching' about specific project management skills (e.g, how to track actuals in project schedules).