Which vPMCoach is right for you? 

vPMCoach RealTime - $395

Resolve a specific challenge and move on.  Issues could include such things as:
  • Fixing a problem with your Microsoft Project schedule.
  • Getting help on how to best use a particular project management template or tool.
  • Improving your relationship with a team member.
  • Dealing with a challenging sponsor or stakeholder.
  • Planning career directions in project management.
  • Other annoyances that are costing you valuable time to sort out.
vPMCoach RealTime is the perfect solution for those 'one-off' situations that you need to deal with in order for your or your team to move forward.  Whether it takes one or two sessions (with homework assignments!), your coach will stick with you to help you find the best solution to your particular issue.

vPMCoach Phase - $1,495

New to a particular area of project management, or encountered difficulties in the past?  vPMCoach Phase can help you become adept at:
  • Developing your project planning documents and schedule.
  • Implementing Execution and Monitoring & Control processes.
  • Closing down your project.
  • Developing and implementing strategies for complex stakeholder relationships.
  • Managing highly political project dynamics.
  • Any other process or sequence of events that will take you several weeks or months to navigate.
vPMCoach Phase is a sustained commitment to coaching.  Through a process of joint discovery, you and your coach will characterize your current work environment and seek ways for you to achieve success in it.  Typically, this will involve between 4 and 8 coaching sessions over the several weeks or months needed to realize your goal.

vPMCoach Career - $3,995

Take a longer view to your work as a project manager or leader.  Use vPMCoach Career develop key skills in areas that are important to you and your work such as:
  • Developing a big picture view of projects and your organization.
  • Integrating and end-to-end set of behaviours and processes designed to make projects more manageable.
  • Enhancing emotional intelligence skills for more effective professional relationships.
  • Creating and implementing a strategic approach to your career in projects and management.
vPMCoach Career involves a coaching commitment of about 5 to 8 months depending on your goals.  You will likely establish a coaching calendar of between 8 and 12 sessions at fairly regular intervals.  This is to allow for enough time to change, grow, and become comfortable at a new level of performance.

vPMCoach PMO - $8,995

The vPMCoach PMO program supports those who lead the startup or administration of centralized project organizations, where 'change' is the common denominator.  Brainstorm, plan, and implement initiatives like:
  • Building project management capability at the project level.
  • Setting up prioritization models and governance strategies.
  • Developing and implementing portfolio management processes and toolsets.
  • Establishing and enhancing performance management standards and practices.
  • Integrating project and corporate information systems.
Through vPMCoach PMO, your coach will support the unique solution that your organization will require with the expertise that comes from having done the work multiple times.  vPMCoach PMO usually runs for a year or more and may involve 16 to 30 sessions.