Virtual Project Management Coach (vPMCoach) for Rapid Results

For guidance or tips concerning your current project, use vPMCoach service to get real-time feedback and support.  For your most pressing project management issues, choose from 4 different vPMCoach options depending on your specific needs.  Once you have chosen your vPMCoach plan, complete an Intake Profile, and then Schedule your 1st coaching session.

Each vPMCoach option is designed to help you get the job done, whether it's vPMCoach Issue for a quick fix to a scheduling or stakeholder issue, or vPMCoach Career for a slightly longer-term commitment to your growth as a project manager.  Coaching sessions are conducted using the web conferencing technology GoToMeeting provided by Citrix Online.

How Does a vPMCoach Session Work?

During a vPMCoach session, a link is created between the computers of the coach and the project manager.  An audio link is established either through the internet using a VOIP connection or over the phone using a dial-in number that is connected to the web conference.  Your computer screen may look something like the picture below. 

What Kinds of Things Can We Do
During a vPMCoach Session?

During a vPMCoach session, the coach and the project manager can collaborate on whatever project documents and schedules are relevant to the issue at hand. If you're tuning up your Microsoft Project skills, the coach will guide you on the how to work with your project while they watch you execute new procedures. Working on a sponsor document? Don't be surprised if the coach asks for control of your desktop so that they can put a big red X through one of your carefully crafted paragraphs (hey, better a coach than a client!).

How Long Does a vPMCoach Session Last?

The length of a session depends on what you need to accomplish.  Fixing a thorny schedule issue may take 15 minutes, while integrating new processes into your existing project might require several 1½ hour sessions. 
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