Consulting for Successful Project Outcomes

Projects – Completed
the Way You Intended

Delayed projects that run orders of magnitude over budget can ooze the life out of an organization. Project initiatives that fail to realize their goals can inflict long lasting damage.  Even successful projects are expensive endeavours that will irrevocably change your business.
Such is the nature and complexity of projects.
For more than a decade, Working Strategies has helped clients change their business game, increase their revenue, reduce their costs, or get a bit of each, by helping them deliver on their project and program objectives.  We do this by ‘bringing’ and ‘building’ the capacity to manage projects better.

We Bring Our Capacity to Manage Your Projects

Our clients use projects as the way to bring about change, whether that be improving processes, leveraging technology, developing new lines of business, re-engineering the operations, or some other business objective. We provide project management capability directly to projects to create an objective-focused and stakeholder-oriented team environment that is as rewarding as it is productive. After all, teams that are having fun turn in great performances.

We Build Your Capacity to Manage Projects

For some of our clients, projects drive their business and make the money. They are already the experts in what they do, so we work with their project organization to help them optimize their performance. We coach and advise project managers and leaders to try new and better ways of achieving project objectives. Working with them on live projects in a supportive 1-on-1 environment encourages them to learn from mistakes without risking serious harm to person or project. Beyond individual projects, we help the organization forge a climate that is more conducive to repeated project success.


What You Get for
What We Do

A well-defined, well-managed project will look and feel a little different for each client, but we should always expect:
  • Clear, measureable, thoroughly-communicated, project objectives that can be traced back to a focused business strategy and requisite organizational capability.
  • Positive project relationships (with sponsors, stakeholders, and the team) that are intentionally managed and continually enhanced.
  • Transparent performance reporting that allows sponsors to direct their projects strategically rather than having to react after something goes wrong.

How We Help

There are as many different methods, tools, and techniques for achieving project and business goals as there are projects. No matter where your team is in the project life cycle, we’ll be hands-on to bring the project in, using approaches such as:
  • Project Chartering & Definition (the “what” of the project)
  • Project Planning (the “how” of the project)
  • Work Management (the “getting it done” part)
  • Corrective Action Management (the getting it done “right” part)
  • Management Coaching (for better decisions)
  • Team Development (for better performance)
  • Stakeholder Analysis (for better engagement)
  • ROI Modelling & Assessment
  • Scope Definition
  • Resource Planning
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Performance Reporting
  • Turnaround Planning
  • Process Design
  • Quality Management
  • Idea Mapping
  • Brainstorming
  • Group Facilitation
We do all this by drawing on an eclectic mix of disciplines, including:
  • Project Management Principles
  • Change & Process Management
  • Systems Dynamics & Game Design
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Human Performance Improvement
  • Adult Instructional Design