Coaching & Consulting to Working Managers & Organizations

We provide consulting and coaching services.
We emphasize project management and organizational development.
... big deal.
Before we strapped on the consulting cape, we worked inside large organizations.  And we hired outside consultants.  Some of them were very helpful ... and some of them were simply awful at what they do.  So, we decided that if we were to be useful consultants, we better learn from our experience.  Here's a short list of what we keep in mind while working with our clients:
  • Meet the client where they are.  We can only help once we understand what it is like to be in the client's position.  To do that effectively, we have to take a sincere interest in the client and their goals.
  • While value is created during diagnosis and planning, it is not realized until the plan is implemented.  We love our reports as much as the next consultant, but that alone won't change the way things get done.
  • Value isn't measured in consulting hours ... it's far more complex than that.  As much as possible, we try to avoid time-based billing arrangements, focusing instead on establishing clear measures of success as a basis for the engagement.  And sometimes that is hard work!
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