Thank You for Choosing vPMCoach

vPMCoach is a process about you, your challenges, your wants, and your goals.  To be as effective as possible, there are 3 things we'll ask you to do now in preparation for your first session:
  1. Find a date and time for your first vPMCoach session.  Have a look at our coaching calendar to find a time that will work for you.
  2. Take  a few minutes of uninterrupted time to answer some questions about your current situation.  We suggest you print the Intake form, and then draft a succinct paragraph for each of the last three questions.  Then paste them into the form and submit.
  3. Keep your PayPal confirmation number handy so that we can match up your Intake information with your vPMCoach plan.  This number has been emailed to you.
Once you have submitted your Intake form, we'll contact you to confirm your first session and send along a link to the GoToMeeting site that we'll use for the session.  Don't worry if you haven't used web conferencing before.  Most of the work is done from our end.